Public Access Notice - 23rd June 2020

Following the recent Government announcement in relation to re-opening of bars & restaurants we have had a number of questions regarding access to our track from July 4th.

Unfortunately we are not in a position to re-open our doors to the public, even in restricted numbers, at this time. We are licensed by the Sports Ground Safety Authority and at this stage we are only licensed to operate as a sports ground in a behind closed doors environment. To open our doors to the public would put our license at risk and cause us to stop racing with a full closure of the racing operation. We expect to be able to reopen to the public at a similar time to other sporting venues though remain hopeful that with reduced numbers allowed access this will come in the not too distant future. In the interim we can only allow access to those who are integral to the racing operation.

We do understand how frustrating this news is and we are in a position where we will reopen our doors as soon as we are able to while ensuring we keep safety an absolute priority for all attending. We expect this to be in small numbers initially and will look at prioritising owners when the time comes to allow access to the public. At this stage it is difficult to put any timescales on when this might be.

Thank you for your ongoing support, especially those of you who are supporting your greyhounds through this period of time where it remains very difficult to see them. We will continue to update you through social media platforms as the situation changes. Please stay safe and we hope we can see you again in the not too distant future.